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Plagron All-Mix is ​​a 100% organic substrate made from the best peat moss on the market, organic fertilizer, worm fertilizer compost and Perlite.

It has a very rich nutrient provided by many organic fertilizers and additional organic amendments, ideal for a good repotting of your plants.

The drainage and good aeration of the Plagron All-Mix potting soil is ensured by the addition of perlite reducing the density of the potting soil.

The addition of Trichodermas and Mycorrhizal complexes ensure a good assimilation of nutrients, as well as the proliferation of beneficial bacteria / fungi to the good development of the roots of your plants.

Plagron All-Mix potting soil is recommended for the growth and flowering phase of plants. The slow release of nutrients ensures better development of your plants.

To stimulate the microbial activity (lifting dormancy of bacteria), it is recommended to water generously during the first watering of your plants.

Plagron All-Mix potting soil is fattened enough to ensure up to 4 weeks of nutrition for the growth of your plants.

Whatever the growth time, it is advisable to add flowering fertilizers as soon as the fruits and flowers of your plants start to appear.

For germination and / or cuttings, it is recommended to start with a soil mix type Light Mix without fertilizer because an excess of fertilization could slow down the growth or burn the roots of your young plants.

Plagron All-Mix potting soil consists of the following elements:

- 20% sphagnum moss peat,
- 35% garden peat
- 10% high quality vermicompost,
- 30% of pearlite,
- 5% of Pre-Mix.
- pH of 6 to 7
- EC from 1.5 to 2 mS / cm

The potting soil can in principle be reused to infinity provided that it follows a few rules:

1. Never reuse potting soil if it has been severely infected with pests,
2. Remove the top layer of potting soil first,
3. Remove roots and debris as much as possible.
4. Then add potting soil or coconut fiber and some pearlite until the starting volume is reached.

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Plagron All mix 50L

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