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We sell air. Fresh air!

Can Filters has developed a range of technological solutions to clean polluted air. We are very critical during the production process in order to get the best results. Our Filters remove odor and other damaging particles from the air this way improving the environment and health of all beings.

Can Filters are the result of over 30 years experience in developing, producing and testing all types of filters. Raising the bar every time. When the demands of the market change, Can filters is ready to adjust its filters accordingly. Our R&D team is always ready to come up with new ideas for our Filters.

Can Filters are filled with the best quality Carbon; Pelletized or Granulated Carbon. Active Carbon is a specially treated type of Carbon and is very suitable for air filtration. Good to know: At Can Filters we never try to save on the amount of carbon. The more Carbon a filters contains the better it filters.


Active filters

Can-Lite 300PL (300-330m³/h) - Can filter

Flange 100mm or 125mm

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