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Sunmaster product line was developed by Venture Lighting International to provide optimized lighting solutions for a variety of plant growth applications. Venture is the leader in metal halide technology, having developed more than 80% of the metal halide lamp types in use today. We also lead in developing complete lamp and ballast systems for optimum efficiency.

Venture is an Advanced Lighting Technologies company, a global organization dedicated to advancing light management through new technologies. Along with lamp and ballast development, we’re the world’s leading supplier of metal halide salts and HPS amalgams. For Sunmaster lamps, our dosing technology achieves more usable light energy for plant growth.

Indoor growers, large and small, trust our expertise. And no other light source can rival our metal halide technology in its ability to deliver customized spectral output to meet the needs of plants throughout the growth cycle.

Sunmaster is part of a diverse group of Advanced Lighting Technologies companies dedicated to advancing optimized light management systems.

Venture Lighting, Solon, OH
Developed more than 80% of all metal halide lamp types in use today

APL, Urbana, IL
World's leading supplier of metal halide salts and HPS amalgams



Why Sunmaster®

Experts in Plant Growth Lighting

The basic principles behind photosynthesis support the case that effective lighting is the main determining ingredient for the production of strong, healthy plants. No other variable (nutrient ratios, CO2 enhancement, growth medium, etc) surpasses the importance and overall power of light as it relates to the success of any hydroponic system.

Backed by years of development, practical experience, and a synergistic focus on lamp technology and plant science, Sunmaster offers a select group of lamps and ballasts tailored specifically to support particular growth phases, encourage healthy development, and increase yield. Thousands of growers worldwide rely on Sunmaster, from one-lamp hobbyists in Australia to large indoor lettuce farmers in Newfoundland.


Sunmaster is a specialized channel within Venture Lighting International, an integrated company focused on HID lamp and ballast manufacturing. As a world leader in lighting technology, Venture provides a network of strong capabilities that support Sunmaster’s manufacturing and research efforts including:
• Designer of over 90% of the world’s metal halide lamps.
• Developer and supplier of most of the world’s supply of HID lamp chemicals
• Facilitator of Smartpac® recycling, an environmentally-friendly HID lamp recovery system


Sunmaster works with horticultural groups and major universities to further understand the specific lighting requirements for individual plants with regard to intensity and spectral output. Enhancements in lamp construction and chemical dosing are developed internally to meet varying plant needs based upon these findings. Sunmaster focuses on understanding photosynthetically active radiation to optimize light output in conjunction with growth cycles and/or plant types.


From ISO 9001/2000 certified divisions to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Sunmaster delivers robust products with quality leading our business. Sunmaster lamps have been moving to a very unique ‘weldless’ mount construction, allowing for much higher shock resistance and tighter optical control.


Sunmaster offers a complete line of optimized lamps and ballasts for particular plant types and/or specific crop cycles. By developing both lamp and ballast, Sunmaster assures performance claims and system compatibilities. Our lamp lines include:
Blue Ice = Enhanced blue spectrum for compact vegetative growth
Green Harvest = Balanced spectral output for vegetative growth and flowering
Red Sunrise = Enhanced orange-red spectrum for flowering
Yellow Blossom = Strong orange-red component for maximum flowering and linear growth

Sunmaster is ISO Cerified

Sunmaster quality is sustained through control systems constructed to meet ISO 9001 standards.

Sunmaster Cool Halide Deluxe 600W

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