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*) The best virgin carbon in the world is mined in Australia from large deposits that are millions of years old. After triple activation the best quality and size carbon is then sieved and selected exclusively for Phresh Filters. That's why our filters have less dust, a better balanced air flow and more capacity than any other non-compressed light weight carbon filters. Our RC-4/8 carbon has the highest adsorbtion capacity in the market: 1 gram of RC-4/8 carbon has a staggering surface of 1030 square meters!

Phresh Filter flanges are made of light weight aluminum and are optimized for the size of flexible ducting. To help you install your ducting we added special clips that prevent your ducting from sliding off when mounting. No more hassle installing insulated ducting!

Experience the Phresh difference!

Phresh Carbon filters

RC48-small Australia's best RC-4/8 activated carbon*)
Less dust, best capacity
Light weight aluminum collar and bottom
Flange size optimal for flexible ducting
Duct clips for easy mounting of flexible ducting
2 dust filters for easy change and clean
Phresh 300m3
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Phresh Filter 1300m³ (250 Ø)

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