Here is a little guide to making your own pepper seedlings!??

You will need a germination support: small pots of fine soil, trays of inserts, and others. This must be tempered and re-moistened, the use of additives for rooting is possible in small doses.
Your grains and seeds must be well rehydrated to maximize the number of catches, to be soaked in warm water for a few hours.

It is important to bring your seedlings to a warm place, most varieties require up to 26°C but some germinate more easily at 28°C. But be careful, who says heating says drying of the air and the substrate!
The easiest way to limit interventions is to use a mini greenhouse (heated or placed in a place with the right temperatures)
You will need to keep a stable temperature and high humidity for germination to take place!
To keep enough humidity in the heated greenhouse, you can use substrate, perlite, litter, coconut fiber, etc., in the bottom of the greenhouse (well soaked in water) to constitute a reserve of evaporable water which will not asphyxiate. the roots that could end up in this greenhouse bottom in a few days

Natural light may suffice if it is not too intense. Otherwise you can also use a low intensity artificial light 24 hours a day as long as the cotyledons (very first leaves) have not come out, then we will reduce the light cycle to match that which the plants will have when they come out, and we will take the opportunity to gradually increase the light intensity.
We aim for a PPFD of 100-200 mol/s/m² for germination

Daily work
It remains for you to watch that the supports do not dry too strongly, it will then be necessary to re-moisten them delicately with water that is not too cold. Be careful, however, not to humidify excessively or too frequently, it is the appearance of dryness that favors the appearance of roots and not the reverse.
It is interesting to keep the bottom of the greenhouse well soaked, the supports will thus pump by capillarity.
After one to two weeks you can gently acclimatize the seedlings to drier air by fully opening the vents of the greenhouse then removing the lid, be careful not to rush them too much, they are still little babies ☺️

And There you go !
To your seeds, wet, sow!!


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