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Sugar Candy Syrup is a biostimulator based on sugars and vegetable carbohydrates that increase the amount and improve the quality of flowers and fruits, as well as a great supply of amino acids that facilitates the roots to absorb and assimilate the nutrients, enriching the substrate and creating a good environment for the development of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Irrigation and foliar.

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Sugar Candy Syrup the master formula to become a great professional.

Sugar Candy Syrup is composed of easily assimilated vegetable sugars.

Ideal mixture of various carbohydrates that provide the trace elements necessary for the creation of large compact flower clusters.

It provides amino acids that allow plants to form the appropriate proteins for a correct assimilation of nutrients, stimulates and enriches the substrate, together with stimulators it creates the perfect symbiosis for the correct development of beneficial bacteria and fungi that allow a significant increase in the production.

Sugar Candy Syrup is the ideal solution for those growers who want to obtain an unmistakable flavor and aroma in addition to a large production, with the ideal mixture of SCS sugars you will discover that quantity and quality are possible with B.A.C.


  • Spray (Antistress)
  • Add 5ml for every liter of water


  • Add 1ml for every liter of water.
  • Use in each irrigation

BAC Sugar Candy Syrup benefits:

  • Better flower development
  • Larger flower size
  • Suitable in periods of stress

BAC Sugar Candy Syrup can be mixed with other liquid fertilizers or pesticides.

Can be stored up to 48 hours after dissolving in water.

Suitable for all types of substrates. Shake well before use.


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